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History is funny sometimes... Often there's more legend, lore, hearsay, fiction, and spin than actual truth to certain stories as they get passed around over time. That's certainly the case with regard to the legacy of Mr. Les Paul - one of the most creative, ingenious, and important musicians and inventors of this or any other time. Even though Les is/was a recent figure in music history over the last millennium - the man, his guitars, his contribution to music, and his influence are covered in myth... mired in misinformation and laden with erroneous fable. One man was there, through it all... the ups and the downs, the good times and the bad, the major discoveries and the foibles - and that was Tom Doyle. Tom was Les' guitar builder, soundman/engineer, trusted confidant, co-inventor, sounding board, fixer, and close personal friend for almost five decades. Its been said before, but never was it so true - Tom Doyle was "The man behind the man".

It is my honor and privilege along with Gene Paul to show the world "NUMBER ONE" Les Paul's Personal NUMBER ONE 1952 Goldtop



A dedication and sincere thanks to Max Stavron for all his hard work...


While Les Paul was certainly more than a genius in his quest for his ultimate sound,  tone, and understanding of music and the instruments that it took to get there, for over four decades he relied constantly on Tom Doyle to make his guitars whole again after he chopped them to pieces in has mad pursuit of that sound in his head. Most people automatically assume that because there is a famous guitar with his name on it, that Les was a guitar builder, tech, bench man, etc., and knew how to build, repair and refurbish guitars. That just simply was not the case... he relied on Tom for that. Tom and Les worked on countless projects over the 40+ years together and Tom is nothing less than a walking/talking encyclopedia about all things Les Paul, Gibson, build specs, musical history, and knows more about guitars of all kinds than anyone you will ever encounter alive today.

Tom holds Les Paul's White Custom Guitar and Les' Autobiography that features the very same guitar on the cover. Tom has fond memories of this guitar as being the guitar Les Paul used as his benchmark as he experimented. He would sometimes play this guitar in his kitchen before his Monday night shows... and of course, posed with it for his autobiography - "Les Paul... In His Own Words"... Talk about your history!!!

Tom Doyle has been making superb guitars for over 40 years. His instruments have been played and enjoyed by top professional and serious amateurs all over the world. He is also the inventor of the T.W. Doyle pick-ups system, which is unmatched in the resonance and depth it brings to electric guitars. The unique quality of Tom Doyle's artistry is attested to by the fact that he has been the luthier to Les Paul and countless other guitar luminaries for many decades. In addition, Tom is a master guitarist who has developed his own distinctive finger picking style which he combines in his playing with a rare sense of musicality.

Tom has been a luthier, builder, restorer, and tech for over 40 years and currently runs his own guitar building school in New Jersey.  He has customized, repaired, and modified guitars for such artists as George Benson, Sting, Bucky Pizzarelli, Al Caiola, Al Dimeola, Tony Mottola, Jimmy Page, and of course, the late Les Paul.  Tom now plays his own handmade “Doyle 1850 Guitar” featuring his own low impedance pickups.

Tom is always pleased to take on new orders for custom instruments. He will expertly match the exacting specifications of the most discerning musicians. Each of his creations is assured of providing years of pleasure, through the beauty, craftsmanship, and tonal excellence Tom creates with his rare artistry.

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Les Paul's Ultimate Humbucker

Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers

Les Paul was working very diligently in the last years of his life in an attempt to clean up the Humbucker pickup. He felt that the bottom end of the frequency response was muddy and unclear, and he fervently wanted to fix that. Les had an incredible passion for making things “just right”... and would tinker, test, and experiment on things he wanted to fix, tirelessly - almost to the point of obsession. His constant passion towards the end of his life was for getting the high-impedance Humbucker to come alive, and deliver that clarity that he so desired. As an homage to his longtime friend and mentor, Tom Doyle has brought Les Paul's Dream of a clear, articulate, harmonically lively Humbucker pickup to life...

Doyle Coils

Tom Plays & Speaks on
The "Thank You Les" DVD

Featuring such Greats as Keith Richards, Steve Miller, Billy Gibbons, Slash, José Feliciano and many more!

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